5 Tips to Avoid Causing Plumbing Disasters

To take care of your plumbing system, you need to ensure that it is free of any obstructions that can keep water from flowing smoothly. This way your toilets can flush and your faucets can dispense water whenever you need them to. However, you can’t entirely avoid the possibility that your plumbing will have problems — and sometimes, these problems are caused by the wrong maintenance practices.

If you think that the way you take care of your plumbing system isn’t doing it any favors, then maybe you should learn new habits and let the old ones die. To help you start changing your ways, here are 5 tips that you should do to avoid more plumbing dilemmas.

Winterize Your Pipes During Winter

Winterize your pipes during winter

Winter can be a troubling season for your pipes. Due to the cold temperatures outside, the water in your plumbing system can freeze up. When this happens, a portion of your system will be blocked with ice, and pressure can accumulate in the blocked portion of your pipes, causing it to burst. Experiencing a burst pipe is even more devastating than getting frozen plumbing because you’re exposing your property to contaminated water. To prevent this from happening, you need to winterize your pipes, and the simplest way to do so is by opening all drain pipes and taps and to let at least one faucet running.

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Don’t throw trash or food down the drain

garbage disposal

Do not fill your garbage disposal unit with leftover food. Your system can only take a few scraps at a time, and no, fibrous foods do not count. If you keep throwing the wrong types and amounts of food, your garbage disposal will get severely damaged. The blades can break and the container can start leaking. Not to mention, leaving indisposed food can cause them to turn rancid – emitting a horrible odor throughout your home. To ensure that this does not happen, just remember to only throw food your garbage disposal can handle, such as:

Never Flush Paper Products or The Like

If you have a habit of throwing paper towels down the toilet, you should stop doing so. Throwing paper products in the toilet might seem easier, but it’s unhygienic and it can seriously block the pipes. When your toilet’s plumbing is completely obstructed, flushing the water will no longer work. Plus, in a situation like this, you can expect your sewer to back up on you.

Upgrade Your Plumbing When Needed

Upgrading your plumbing is highly advised if your property is already old. Worn out drainage and pipes are not only rusty, but they can also break easily. If you continue to rely on your old plumbing system to transport water, it can break at the most unexpected times and ways. This is also a major cause of burst pipes and sewage backups, so it’s best that you change your plumbing system as soon as possible.

Call Air Solutions If You Are Facing Problems

Whenever you encounter any kind of plumbing disaster, it is best that you call the professionals for help. Without the proper tools and experience, your “fixed” pipes can break all over again, leaving you with a bigger problem than what you had initially. Thus, turning to the experts is your best chance of repairing your systems correctly.

Looking for a professional company to take care of your busted plumbing system? Contact Air Solutions today at 918-288-0305, and experience the difference professionals have to offer. You can reach us at any time, for our emergency services are available 24/7. Our plumbing and other services are catered to properties located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.