Standard maintenance is something that you simply cannot ignore when looking at an HVAC system in a commercial setting. Maybe you can get away with it at home, if you do not mind being without air if the system breaks down, but doing it in a commercial place – whether it is a store, a restaurant or some other type of business – can directly impact your sales. People who would usually hang around in the store are going to leave, and your numbers could plummet.

In fact, did you know that one of the first uses of an air conditioning system, before it was even officially known by that name, was to cool down movie theaters? The man who invented it told the theater owners that they would see serious increases in attendance and income if they ran his system during the summer. At the time, movie theaters were as hot and stuffy as homes, and people had little relief. Sure enough, as soon as the system was installed, ticket sales went through the roof. The system was a terrific hit, and it was used in many theaters all over the country.

The same thing is still true today. Many people at that time loved the AC system so much that they would go see movies that they did not even care about, just to be able to make use of it on hot summer days. Your customers are going to do this today just like they did back in 1925, in New York, so you need to make sure that your system always works.

Among other things, standard maintenance should include having a professional look at the air conditioner filters and change them as needed. Not only does this ensure that the air is really clean, but it also makes for better airflow in the whole system. When air can circulate quickly and easily, there is less wear and tear and the system is less likely to break down.

The standard upkeep should also include looking at the air conditioner coils to see if they are intact and functioning correctly. You may want to have this done even if you have not noticed any decrease in how well the system runs. Spotting things before they break down can save you money, reducing the amount of work that has to be done.

As you can see, maintaining your air conditioner will save you money and help you to make more money at the same time when your AC system is in a commercial building. If you are thinking of having some work done or calling a contractor for a maintenance checkup, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to work with a professional. Contractors who have been in business for years or even decades simply offer knowledge and experience that are worth an incredible amount when they are doing the job, and it helps you trust them to give you lasting results.