The heating and cooling system in your business or home has the ability to keep your environment comfortable in summer or winter no matter what the outside temperature or season of the year. However, your HVAC system is a machine with precise operating components that are subject to wear and tear over time. That is why it is important to work with a factory authorized dealer who understands your system. You can relax and have no worries when you realize the comfort of your home is in the hands of qualified HVAC professionals.

Factory Authorized Dealer

When a home or business owner is ready to replace components of his or her heating and cooling system or install a completely new HVAC system, it is best to work with a dealer who has completed special training. These factory trained and educated dealers are well versed on all parts, functions and aspects of HVAC systems. The dealers have the necessary knowledge to help you choose the right options or systems for your needs.

Benefits of Working With an Authorized Dealer

The authorized dealer designation is not easy for a dealer to earn. It is not just handed out by the factory to anyone who wants it. The recipients must show the quality of work he or she has done and that they have a high level of expertise. Following are a few of the rigorous criteria a dealer must meet:

> Expert Level Standards: Stringent national standards must be met in the performance of their services. They must continue to participate in training to remain updated on the installation, maintenance and repair of equipment.

> Maintain Professional Business Practices: Required insurance and local licenses must be in place. Warranty requests must be promptly handled.

>Employ NATE Certified Technicians with proven technical abilities who have met national testing standards, and who are continuing their education to stay current on HVAC technology advances.

> Customer Satisfaction. Dealers must provide honest, professional service and rely on customer feedback to maintain expert level standards.

For quality workmanship and superior service, contact us today to keep your heating and cooling system in worry-free, excellent condition.