Okay, okay we get it! You are sick and tired of hearing about fall preventative maintenance. You hear it on television commercials, radio segments, and your gas bill is even telling you about it. We understand…

If we may… isn’t there something to be said if EVERYONE is telling you to get the service completed?

The truth is this, a fall clean and check protects your family’s health. It is that simply! With a 28 point fall clean and check you protect your home from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, winter weather malfunctions, unnecessary repairs, furnace fires and MUCH MORE.

All of this maintenance “hype” is starting to make more sense isn’t it?

Of all the benefit a fall clean and check offers your home the prevention of Carbon Monoxide poisoning is arguably the most important of them all. Carbon Monoxide, AKA the silent killer, has made such an impact that Oklahoma Natural Gas has placed a priority on these clean and checks. Oklahoma Natural Gas is offering a $30 rebate to all ONG customers who complete a 28 point clean and check on their furnace with a qualified HVAC company.

“Preventative maintenance on one furnace can prevent one Carbon Monoxide death we see every year on the news.” –Kieth Hilligoss, President Air Solutions Heating, Cooling, Plumbing
Knowing that one call to a home completing a furnace clean and check could prevent a tragic story every winter has left us saddened time and time again. In the over 19 years of service to the Tulsa metro area we have learned that some home owners don’t always understand the risks when this service is not completed. That is why we inform every one of our customers each fall that it is time to schedule their fall clean and check and that has done well for our customers.

But what about you?

We invite you to call today 918-994-0880. Ask questions, learn about any specials we have running, and schedule this service! If not for your peace of mind… for ours.