As with hiring any professional to do a service or a job, it is important to do your homework before hiring an HVAC contractor to do summer a/c maintenance. Letting someone into your home to do a job is an act of trust, and as well all know, trusting just anyone can, unfortunately, lead to problems. Here are some actions to take and some points to consider when hiring an HVAC professional for summer air conditioning maintenance or any other job in your home:

Licensing and Insurance 
Learn about licensing and insurance requirements in your state and make sure any contractors you consider are compliant. This step gives you extra assurance that the contractor you hire is skilled and knowledgeable to do their job. 
Ask for Referrals 
Check around and talk to neighbors, friends, family, and other types of contractors, or even your local home improvement store to get references for contractors. This can be a very reliable method of hiring a trustworthy and hardworking contractor for your HVAC system. In addition, you can contact trade organizations and ask for names of members in your area.

Ask for References 
A trustworthy contractor that does a good job should have the names and numbers of several past or current clients you can speak with regarding their work. Call these references and inquire about their work, the performance of their systems, and if the job was completed within the given time and financial budget.

Get it in Writing 
Once you have hired a contractor or have asked for an estimate, be sure everything is in writing. You should request an itemized estimate in writing when comparing bids of various contractors, which include cost, warranties and energy efficiency. Keep in mind that sometimes the lowest price may not be the best deal when you take into consideration energy efficient, rebates, and warranties. Additionally, you will want to sign a written proposal before the work commences to protect you and your interests. This proposal should include model numbers, costs, warranty information, and a job schedule.

Remember the above steps and pieces of information before hiring your contractor. If you need a/c maintenance, call a local HVAC contractor to get started today.