As the temperature drops, you may find that your energy bills soar. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce energy cost in winter, so that you can be warm and comfortable while still paying for the things your family needs. This winter electricity reduction can be accomplished in the following ways:

Bundle Up: One easy way to reduce energy cost in winter is to adjust the amount of clothing that you’re wearing. In fact, this should be your first line of defense against cool temperatures. Before you touch your thermostat, take a moment to assess your situation. Are your feet cold because you’re not wearing socks, or is your entire body cold? Often, you can add a sweater or a pair of warm socks and completely change the way you feel. You’ll save money with a substantial winter electricity reduction each time you avoid touching the thermostat.

Keep Air Circulating: Hot air rises. This is often most noticeable in the winter, as the warmed air we use to keep our homes comfortable rises to the ceiling. Keep fans or ceiling fans turned on during warm winter months to circulate air throughout your home. You’ll notice a winter electricity reduction as you need less heat to keep your home comfortable.

Add a Humidifier: Humid, moist air feels warmer than cool, dry air. Add a humidifier to your living space for enhanced warmth and comfort.

Close Off Unused Rooms: If you have rooms in your home that you don’t use regularly, but you need to reduce energy cost in winter, consider closing the doors to these rooms. If the areas don’t have doors, hang blankets to seal off the area. Choosing to only heat the parts of your home that you’re using will dramatically reduce the amount you’re paying to heat your home.

When you’re ready to learn more about reducing the amount of energy you spend to heat your home, it may be time to consult a professional. Call us to learn more about energy savings, so you can spend less money to keep your family comfortable this winter. Save your money for other bills and reduce energy cost in winter.