During months with extreme temperatures, many homeowners see their home’s energy bills skyrocket. Many are faced with difficult decisions, such as whether to buy groceries or keep the heat on. No one should be faced with such choices. However, there are several small actions you can take to decrease your gas and electric bills and make your home more energy efficient.

Changing air filterChange the Air Filter

The air filter in your home’s HVAC system should be changed at least once a quarter. Some systems or filter types may require more frequent changing, such as every month. Completing this action will make your HVAC system more efficient and help to decrease your energy bills.

Use Your Blinds and Shades

Depending on what direction your windows face and the season, you will want to open and close your shades and blinds at specific times of the day to save money on heating and cooling. In the winter, open your blinds to allow as much sunlight in your home as possible. This will help warm your home. In the summer, you will want to keep the shades closed to keep the warming sunlight out.

Summertime: Open Windows

In the summertime, open your windows and turn of your air conditioning during the cooler evening and nighttime hours. This will give your a/c a break while decreasing your energy bill. It will let the cooler air in, however, be sure to shut the windows in the morning hours when the air outside heats up again.

Shop for Energy-Saving Products and Services

Check for appliances and housewares that are energy efficient when making a major purchase. However, you should be skeptical of products that brag of excessive reduction in cooling cost or extreme savings in your home’s energy. Verify claims made with independent resources.

Have Your HVAC System Maintenanced

You can increase the energy efficiency of your home and avoid costly and unexpected repairs by having your HVAC system serviced on a regular basis. HVAC professionals can tell you how your system is performing and recommend any changes or needed services each time they examine your system. This decreases the likelihood of your system breaking down. Start saving money on your heating and cooling costs by contacting your trusted HVAC contractors today.