Keep Your Home Cool Without Raising Energy Costs

Keep Your Home Cool Without Raising Energy Costs

When summer arrives, make people want to crank up their AC system to beat the heat. But when you run your air conditioner for longer stretches to keep your home cooler, you also raise your energy costs. Is there a way for you to beat the heat during summer without having to suffer the consequences of high energy bills?


Yes, there are ways for you to keep your home cool without it having to cost you more. Here are some of them:


Clean your air filters regularly

Check if your AC is the right size for your home

If your air filters are dirty and have not been cleaned for a long time, it will raise your energy consumption. Cleaning your air filters before the hot months of summer roll in, and cleaning them every month thereafter, will help raise your AC’s efficiency and cool your home better.

Check if your AC is the right size for your home

This is one mistake people often make, particularly when they don’t consult with an AC technician before installing a new air conditioning unit. An undersized AC will work too hard and an AC that is too large for your home will short cycle, causing problems with the unit. But the right-sized AC will efficiently cool a home without raising your electricity bills because you won’t have to crank up the fan speed or lower the thermostat.

Insulate your home

Insulation is another thing that helps keep a home properly cooled during hot days. Insulation not only keeps heat out of your home but also helps keep the cold air in when you turn on your AC.

Keep the heat of the sun out with blinds and curtains

Sunlight streaming through your windows will lower the cooling factor of your AC. To effectively keep your home cool without raising energy costs, close your blinds and curtains to sunlight.

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