If you were to head to the market in search of a new heating and cooling system for your house or office with the same parameters and preferences that you had a decade ago for your HVAC system then you are going to end up with a lousy buy! The reason for this being the fact that there has been tremendous changes taking place during this span of time. If you haven’t shopped for such systems for years then it is time to brush off the dust and update yourself about heating and cooling technology. Science and technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and this has benefitted many an industry, including the HVAC one. Today, the HVAC units available in the market feature state-of-the-art technology and highly impressive functionalities.

As mentioned earlier, there have been a lot of changes in equipment and technology as far as the HVAC field is concerned. Air conditioners no longer produce ozone-depleting gases or a high level of noise while functioning and nor do they consume a lot of electricity. Improvements have penetrated AC units in many different areas from the technology used by the compressor to the shape of the fan-blade of such appliances. About two decades ago, an average air conditioner may have used up to six thousand watts of electric energy each hour but today an average unit consumes only a little over 25% of this figure every hour!

When it comes to the new generation heating system, one can expect it to be efficient all the way! Manufacturers of such heating units today aim at producing heating systems that offer the most to their customers; this way, they can stay ahead of the cut-throat competition. The condensing boiler of a typical modern heating or boiler system offers an operating efficiency of close to 95%. This means that one can enjoy a lot of savings as the operating cost for such machines wouldn’t be very high. Also, modern heating systems offer improved downturn operations.

You can expect this wave of new heating and cooling systems to function at their optimal levels with reduced occurrences of breakdowns. Thus, these highly efficient and useful machines require very little maintenance and are worthy investments. Call us to learn more about modern HVAC units!