While some home owners have a large attic space that is used for storage or even additional rooms in the home, the majority of home owners have small attics that are basically just areas of the home that are never seen. If you have a small attic, it is important to know if you have the proper insulation in this area of your home. Because you never venture into the attic area, you may not realize how the attic space is insulated. At Air Solutions, we can help you see just how insulated your attic space is and how adding more insulation can save you money as well as energy.

How much insulation is in the attic space will help determine how energy efficient your home is. When you add more insulation to the space, you are ensuring that your HVAC system does not have to extend itself to provide heat in the home. You will reduce the wear and tear on your system and provide a comfortable and stable home environment.

Understanding Heat Movement

Our team at Air Solutions can help you better understand heat movement so you can see why proper insulation is so important. There are three ways that heat can move through the home. First, the warmer air is lighter than cool air so it will rise to the ceiling based on the method of convection. Heat will seek a cooling location based on conduction until the temperature is equalized. Additionally, air pressure differences can force the air, no matter if it is cold or hot, to move from one place to another from the inside and outside of the home. This basically means the hot air will rise and try to transfer heat energy to the colder attic during the winter season, unless you have a barrier in place to stop this from happening. An attic floor that is well sealed will do this, providing your home with warming comfort. The same can be said during the summer months as the hot air will try to move from the attic down into the home, so proper insulation is needed to stop this from happening as well.

The Benefits

One of the most common insulation options used today is fiberglass. This with insulation type, you have a fluffy material that consists of glass fibers in a webbing form. The air will be trapped within the fibers and the thicker the insulation, the more resistance you will have for the heat transfer. The R-value of the insulation will determine the resistance level of the insulation. R-60 is recommended by Energy Star for the most beneficial results in your home.

With such insulation, you will have increased energy savings, which will help you in other areas of your home. You will also have better comfort in the home as your system will be able to reach desired temperatures faster than usual. The HVAC system of your home will also not be worn down by constant operation. When the unit reaches the desired temperature, it will shut off. When you do not have insulation in the home, you are constantly wasting energy and can never reach the desired temperature you have set. The insulation of the home also protects the roof area from damage that can take place in winter and summer due to heat gain or loss based on inadequate ventilation.

Overall, your home can benefit greatly from insulation installation. Let our team of professionals inspect your home and ensure you are heating and cooling in the best possible environment. We are ready to help you have a comfortable home for many years to come. Contact us today to learn more!