The PSO Rebate for home efficiency! You’ve been hearing about it everywhere…. Air Solutions Heating and Cooling would like to help you make sense of it all.

So here it is..

How would you like to receive money for making energy efficient improvements to your home? What if these improvements also saved you money over time? It would almost be like when you made that initial decision to own your own home! Okay, Okay maybe not exactly but the notion is the same.

The PSO Rebate (offered by the Public Service Company of Oklahoma), Residential Solutions Program is designed to save you immediate and residual dollars. In fact, you can receive a rebate, up to 50 percent of the cost of your home efficiency improvements.


You have already completed the first step in receiving the PSO Rebate! You have found an authorized contractor that has successful experience with the PSO Rebate processes. Next, we need to schedule a convenient time to assess the energy efficiency of your home.

Play by the Rules

There are rules regarding the certifications that we must have in order to assist you with your home efficiency rebates. Our Home Comfort Experts will work with you to find any issues that your home might have and determine which one could be improved to make it more energy efficient. We will even provide you with a report and help you create an action plan to become as energy efficient as possible.

Pick Your Path

The reports that Our Home Comfort Experts provide you with will help you with the next step in your PSO Rebate process. Pick the path you would like to go on regarding your home energy efficient efforts.

There are two paths available for the rebate so don’t worry, we will make it easy for you

– Standard VS Performance –

STANDARD PATH- Bases the rebate amount on the total cost of the project capping it at $1,800.

PERFORMANCE PATH- Bases the rebate amount on several factors including the overall savings projected and the total installation cost for the project. You could reasonable receive up to $4,000 depending on the home energy efficient home modifications you complete.


Let’s be honest the absolute WORST part of “available rebates” is not being sure whether or not you completed the paperwork correctly and /or timely! We walk you through the steps of applying for and receiving your rebate. EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! Rebates can easily get confusing but with the Air Solutions Heating and Cooling Home Comfort Experts helping you through the process it will be painless. We have been through the process MANY of times before, you will find these rebates an excellent way to make your home more energy efficient and even on a budget.