Fixing a problem that has become severe is much more difficult and expensive than preventing the problem in the first place. This is why annual furnace maintenance is extremely important. Having a qualified HVAC technician perform a yearly inspection will definitely save headaches and keep your home comfortable when cool weather approaches.

Reasons Why Furnace Maintenance is Vital

Prevents Problems. A yearly inspection will catch parts that have worn out, need lubrication, or have become dangerous. For example, if the wiring has become questionable, an electrician can be consulted before a fire begins. Fixing small problems early will prevent major problems down the road.

Improved Efficiency. The best way to improve efficiency of a furnace is to participate in annual maintenance. To properly heat the home, the furnace filters the air before it is circulated. Eventually this filter becomes clogged, which makes the unit work harder than it should. This shortens its life and increases monthly electric bills. An annual inspection is the time when a technician cleans or replaces the filter and increases efficiency.

Raises Indoor Air Quality. It is essential to breathe fresh air while inside your home. Furnace maintenance assures a clean filter that keeps dangerous airborne particles out of the atmosphere. It also discourages the formation of mold, which raises indoor air quality.

Works Reliably. An annual furnace inspection helps a technician address issues early. This is especially important in parts of the country where problems tend to occur during extreme cold times of the year. You will be able to enjoy reliable heat throughout winter without worry or interruption of service.

Evens Temperature. Regular furnace maintenance helps to regulate the temperature in your home. A skilled technician calibrates the furnace’s thermostat. This will keep the heat at the proper level.

Saves Lives. Normally, a furnace releases carbon monoxide exhaust. However, leaks occur in the pipes that may cause this dangerous gas to circulate through your home. Since it is odorless, it can kill you without detection. To prevent this problem, a licensed technician will examine the furnace for leaks.

To keep your furnace working efficiently, you should call your local HVAC contractor and schedule a maintenance appointment. It is recommended to have a technician visit at the end of summer or early fall. This will keep you prepared when the weather becomes cool.