If you own a car, you probably realize that your car is a system made up of interactive pieces and parts. If one part fails or needs repaired, it can affect how the entire system runs. The same rings true for your home. Your home is an entire system, made up work interactive parts. A problem with one component can cause another to fail or have problems. If you are experiencing high energy bills in your home, drafts, unexplained moisture, mold or mildew, indoor allergy symptoms, deterioration of building materials, it might be time for a Whole Home Performance review.

Problems like this necessitate a Whole Home Performance approach. In order to diagnose the root of your home’s problems you need a systemize approach to your home’s issues based on building science. Your Whole Home Performance contractor will interview you to assess what problems or issues you have noted with your home. He may also look over your energy bills. Then he will conduct a thorough evaluation and assessment of your home with specialized tools. This evaluation will show where you may have air leaks, where insulation may not be functioning properly, and the condition of your HVAC efficiency.

After conducting this thorough evaluation, the Whole Home Performance contractor will present the results to you. He will present the findings with recommendations and tell you how much these recommended changes and upgrades will cost.


There is not one size fits all when it comes to Whole Home Performance evaluations and upgrades. Let your contractor know what your budget is. The contractor can then tell you what changes and upgrades in your home will be the most effective within your budget. There are also rebates and incentives available for some homeowners to help defray the cost of a Whole Home Performance evaluation and upgrade. Having this done will also decrease your energy bills and save you money in the long run. Most homeowners find that their home value also increases after having made these changes and upgrades.

Contact your certified trust Whole Home Performance contractor today to schedule your evaluation and to start saving money on your energy bills.