Prepare Your AC for Summer

Summer is the season of hot days and warm temperatures, so your number one priority is to stay cool. There are many ways to beat the heat, but the easiest method has to be using your air conditioning system on full-blast. Your AC unit becomes a necessity during the summer, and it’s crucial that it’s able to provide you with constant cold air. However, if you didn’t prepare your AC for the season, there’s a risk it could malfunction along the way.

To make sure that your air conditioner doesn’t run into problems, you have to take care of your AC unit by following this quick maintenance checklist before summer:

AC Repair

Clean Your AC’s Indoor and/or Outdoor Unit

When dust, dirt, and other particles collect in your AC unit, it will have a harder time blowing out cool air. If the airways are blocked, your system is forced to perform at a much higher setting and use more energy. Thoroughly cleaning your system removes any kind of obstruction from your air conditioner and allows it to consume less electricity. Cleaning your AC also keeps the unit’s inner workings operating smoothly.

To clean a window AC unit, use a vacuum brush to clean the coils. As for air conditioning systems that have outdoor units, remove any nearby debris like leaves and tall weeds, as well as your AC unit’s decorative cover. The cover could potentially kill your air conditioner while it’s running. Remember that your air conditioner should be turned off when it’s being cleaned. You also shouldn’t use any abrasive cleaning tools or methods, so as not to damage your AC. If you don’t have time to clean your AC, consider hiring commercial HVAC professionals to make the job easier.

Replace the Air Filter

Even if you haven’t used your air conditioner in months, it’s good to check the air filter and have it changed regularly. Ideally, your AC’s air filter should be changed once a month for optimal performance. However, not everyone has the time to do so. A dirty air filter restricts your air conditioning system from having a smooth airflow. A dirty air filter also causes your system to freeze up and malfunction. Replacing the air filter before summer ensures that your unit won’t underperform during the season.

Check the Conditions of Coolant Lines and Condensation Line

Your coolant lines are protected by an insulating foam. If the foam becomes frayed or damaged, it needs to be replaced with new foam insulation. As for your AC’s condensation line, you need to ensure that the pipe stays free from dirt or blockage. A clogged condensation line can incur expensive damages – potentially destroying parts of your home. To unclog the condensation line, use a plumbing snake or an industrial vacuum. For added measure, you can send algaecide or a bleach and warm water solution through the pipe.

Have Your AC System Professionally Serviced

If you want to be sure that your air conditioner is 100% ready for summer, have it serviced by your local AC professional. The experts are well-versed with the ins and outs of any air conditioning system and know exactly how to take care of your unit upon inspection. They can repair any damage, replace missing or worn out parts, and even maintain it for optimal AC performance.

With a properly maintained air conditioning unit, you can conquer the summer heat without a problem. If you have yet to have your AC in Tulsa or Broken Arrow, Oklahoma serviced, contact Air Solutions today. Our excellent AC maintenance services will spot any problems your unit is encountering and prevent further AC damage from rising. Give us a call at 918-288-0305 for a free estimate.