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Reviewed By: Diane S.
Location: Sand Springs, OK 74063

Who was your technician? Tony C.
Helpfulness of office staff 5 Stars5
Explanation of options 5 Stars5
Technician appearance 5 Stars5
Technician knowledge of products and procedures 5 Stars5
Overall experience 5 Stars5
Likelihood you would recommend us 5 Stars5
Comment Very satisfied with Air Solutions overall. Only company that I got estimates from that took the time to measure house, windows, ceiling heights, inspect attic unit, etc. After going through summer and now starting into winter, I am really glad I got my HVAC replaced. It is a much more efficient and adequate cooling and heating system than my old one; I have been able to adjust the thermostat several degrees from what the old system required. Bills are lower too! I highly recommend Air Solutions.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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