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Reviewed By: Aaron Q
Location: Tulsa, OK 74135

Who was your technician? Kyle H
Helpfulness of office staff 3 Stars3
Explanation of options 5 Stars5
Technician appearance 5 Stars5
Technician knowledge of products and procedures 5 Stars5
Overall experience 1 Star1
Likelihood you would recommend us 1 Star1
Comment I was told I needed a new furnace, the technicians report said there was a feeling movement in the system that caused to kill the switch of the burners. Also told me that the heat exchanger was cracked. Offered a estimate of the heat exchanger and also cleaning the air movement system. For my better judgment I had a second opinion and a technician that does heating and cooling on my businesses to take a look at it. Luckily my Heat/AC guy is honest and more informative than your technician. He was able to completely look through out my whole system to reassure me, i didn’t need a new furnace or any other parts that were pushed upon me. I wanted To let you and you company know, that with a heavy heart i feel I was Cheated, and lied to.
Overall Rating 3.5 Stars

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