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Reviewed By: Judith N Raley
Location: Sand Springs, OK 74063

Who was your technician? Keith
Helpfulness of office staff 3 Stars3
Explanation of options 3 Stars3
Technician appearance 5 Stars5
Technician knowledge of products and procedures 5 Stars5
Overall experience 5 Stars5
Likelihood you would recommend us 5 Stars5
Comment Had Difficulties in getting my service contract processes through administrative staff. Spring came and went with no spring call. I finally called to inquire why no service call. They overlooked me. Scheduled my app[tmt but hen it had to be canceled due to another urgent call. Keith came out today in horrible heat but got my spring service call finally accomplished on July 10. I asked if Keith coudl schedule fall apptmt and he called and did so. Office seems to have sme issues. I count on Keith to do a good job and he has never let me down. Office staff ? not so much.
Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

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