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The EPA banned the use of R22 Freon in new AC equipment, effective in 2010. As a result, far less R22 is available to refill older HVAC units today. That means homeowners with AC units manufactured prior to 2010 will face this issue for now and for years to come.

As you know it is important to have periodic maintenance done on your system and additional Freon may be needed to allow it to operate properly. Unfortunately the supply and availability of R22 is declining and the price has gone up significantly. We have already seen a 300% price increase so far. We are expecting it to go up even more by summer. Once we get to the year 2020 it will be illegal to use.

We have already been told by our suppliers that we can only purchase one drum of R22 because the supply is very low. We have 15 trucks that will need 3 drums each to handle just our company for 2 months. We are currently searching for a supplier that will sell us at least 3 or 4 at a time and we have been told that they only have 6 drums in the entire warehouse. This is a serious situation and it will only get worse. We have some R22 in stock but it will not last long. We have over 2000 service agreement customers and we will take care of you first. We are also looking into alternative Refrigerants but they all have some sort of drawback.

Due to this issue, Air Solutions has decided to start our A/C service, maintenance and tunes up very early this year for our customers. This will allow you to figure out if you need Freon, have a leak or just would be better of replacing the system before the prices go higher and the supply runs out. I highly recommend you call our office and get the schedule to have your AC system checked and inspected. We will be starting this service February 1st.

Thank you for letting Air Solutions be your Heating and Air Company! We are here to serve you at the highest level possible. Please call us at 918-288-0305 with any questions or concerns or to schedule your A/C tune up.  We can also help you do a home energy evaluation to make sure your HVAC system and home are operating at ideal efficiency levels.