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Heating up a home usually requires heated air to be pumped into it with the help of the home’s ductwork and ventilation system. What some people may not be aware of is that you can actually heat your home up without these ducts in what is called a ductless heating system.

Ductless heat pumps use an outdoor unit and indoor units to pump warm air into a home during the cold winter months, and this is becoming a more popular option these days for many homes.

How a Ductless Heat Pump Works

Ductless heating uses a system that is similar to a split-type air-conditioning system. This system has an outdoor unit that warms up the air from the outside before it is blown into the home via hoses and pipes that are connected to indoor ceiling cassettes and air handlers. This same system can also be used in the warmer months of the year, with the outdoor compressor cooling the air before it is blown into the home through these same pipes and hoses.

Why Choose Ductless Heating for Your Home

Geothermal Systems

Choosing to heat up your home with the use of a ductless heating system may prove to be a more economical and faster option. This is because a ductless heating system does not need the installation of ductwork, which can be costly and time consuming. This heating system is also a good idea for those looking to save up on utility costs since you can choose which rooms to heat up and which ones don’t need heat on any given day.

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Geothermal Systems

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