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Energy is a valuable resource that comes with a hefty price. To live comfortably, you need to make sure that you have a constant and steady supply of electricity, which is usually easier said than done. Blower Door Test Most of the time, you will have to balance your energy consumption; and a common example is turning on the appliance only when it needs to be used. However, there is another way you can save on energy costs without having to compromise your comfort.

Have you checked your ductwork lately? Is it still functioning or intact? Systems like this are usually taken for granted. But each time you ignore its routine maintenance and inspection, it will slowly begin to deteriorate – costing you more than you may realize. Neglected air ducts cause air leakages, which is something you definitely do not want if your property is dependent on HVACs, since damaged air ducts keep HVACs from functioning properly. Instead, the cool or warm air will escape from the leaks, which is a shame and waste of energy.

If you believe that your ductwork system is the main cause of your energy crisis, call: 918-288-0305 and we, at Air Solutions, will be ready to help you.

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When Air Solutions arrives at the destination, our professionals will prep the area for the test. Combining the powers of a small fan and a pressure gauge, the Duct Blaster® is hooked to your air ducts – accurately measuring the air leakage of the system. Once the results depict that your ductwork is harboring air leaks, we can help improve the state of your ductwork.

We also offer other types of energy audit services if you are interested in finding out which parts of your property are affecting your energy consumption. Have any other questions or inquiries? Visit contact Air Solutions to learn more. Our services are available to properties located in the surrounding areas of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Cooling & Heating Tips

Make sure your air filter remains clean! A dirty filter will decrease your air conditioning unit's efficiency, causing it to use more energy. Avoid this problem by checking your air filter every month, and changing it approximately every three months.

Use a programmable thermostat! Increase the temperature when the house is empty. When you are home, set the temperature at 78 degrees for a balance of comfort, energy, and cost savings.

Replace the furnace air filter! Because furnace air filters trap a significant amount of dust, pnt, and debris, they can cause malfunction. By replacing the filter twice a year, you can ensure the heating system continues to function properly.

Get your heater inspected annually! To ensure your heater runs as efficiently as possible and that you avoid facing expensive repairs, getting your heating system inspected by a professional.