Ultraviolet (UV) Air Treatment in Tulsa and Broken Arrow, OK

UV Air Treatment in Tulsa and Broken Arrow

When it comes to creating a healthy home or office atmosphere, the quality of the air you breathe should be your number one priority. It’s easy to get sick when there are airborne microorganisms present in the air, especially if you have allergies, asthma, or pulmonary problems.

The typical way to maintain pristine air quality is to clean your surroundings regularly. Of course, you can always install air filters around the property to improve the air, however, if you’re looking for the best air quality solution in the market, an ultraviolet (UV) treatment is exactly what you need.

What is UV Air Treatment?

UV Air Treatment systems

UV air treatment uses the power of ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria and other microbes that are present in your HVAC system. Normally, airborne microorganisms are killed by the natural UV light from the sun, but it’s difficult to harness that light from inside your property. Instead, UV air treatment systems make it simpler by bringing that possibility indoors.

Now, you can’t see UV light. However, that doesn’t mean that the treatment isn’t working. Whatever the light touches, microbial growth and other microorganisms that are present in the area are immediately destroyed. Thus, providing better air purification than other air filters.

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Improve the Air You Breathe with Air Solutions


If you’re looking for UV treatment products for your HVAC system in Tulsa and Broken Arrow, contact Air Solutions. We’re a company dedicated to providing you with excellent air quality solutions, offering top-notch air quality and ventilation services in your area.

Air Solutions provides two types of UV treatments for HVAC systems. The first is coil sterilization – a “stick type” light that’s installed inside the return air duct. It runs 24/7 and is reasonably priced. The second is air sterilization, and it’s a complete UV air treatment unit that sterilizes moving air. Air sterilization is installed in the return air duct and cycles on with the air handler blower.

Give us a call at 918-288-0305 today if you’re considering UV treatment for your HVAC system. Our friendly technicians will help you choose the perfect UV treatment for your property, as well as install it for you.