Leak Locating and Repair Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Do you have any unexplained puddles of water in your yard, or is your foundation damaged? Unfortunately, water leaks are a problem that often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. Water leaks need to be found and taken care of as soon as possible to save your home from further disrepair.

If you’ve been receiving unusually high water bills, or you can hear water running indoors — and you haven’t turned it on — then you may have a hidden leak and need leak location services.

Leak Locating

Leak Locating deals with finding and dealing with water leaks from an unknown area. Finding hidden water leaks requires equipment and experience — and at Air Solutions, we have both.

Blower Door Test

Some techniques needed to find these leaks include pressurization and thermal imaging. Our certified commercial, industrial, and residential leak locators will find those leaky pipes — regardless if they're underground, inside your walls, or even under your floors.

We use acoustic tools to find the source of the water, gas, or steam leak. This system is especially reliable when locating leaks within different plumbing systems.

Hidden water leaks can go unnoticed by a home or business owner until the high water bills arrive, and it’s our job to find and repair any leaks before they can get worse. If allowed to remain, water leaks can cause the tiles to crack or start popping out.

Unusually High Water Bills?

There’s a difference between knowing a leak exists and finding it. A true plumbing professional will have an investigation and analysis done — so don’t allow anybody to do work on your walls or floors without properly locating the source of the leak.

With our experience, you can be sure our professionals will find any hidden drain, plumbing, and sewer leaks in your property.

If you suffer any water damage to your home or business, you need to have solid proof of the cause of your water damage before filing a water damage insurance claim. For this, it’s useful to have professional leak locating done.

We’ll be sure to determine the cause of the leaks and give you a detailed report that can be used as evidence to get your water damage claim.

Repair Leaks with Air Solutions

When you hire Air Solutions, we'll find the leaks that have been giving your home (and wallet) problems. We will be sure to properly seal up those hidden leaks so that you and your family won't wake up to any unpleasant puddles in your yard or home. Call us now at 918-288-0305 or visit contact Air Solutions if you have any more questions or concerns. 

We also offer other services, such as heating installationheating furnace repair, or AC repair. We service properties located in Tulsa, Oklahoma or in the surrounding area. 

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