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Heating Installation Sapulpa, OK

During the cold winter months, your family’s comfort depends on an efficient heating system. At Air Solutions, we know that you rely on your heater to keep the family warm.

That’s why our experts work with professional installers who can help make sure any new unit is installed correctly and will last for years!

For homeowners who just had new heating installation Sapulpa OK, here are some tips to keep your system working efficiently.

Heating Installation Sapulpa, OK

6 Ways to Boost Your Newly Installed Heating System

A new heating system will not only help keep your family warm all winter long, but it can also save you money on your energy bills. But before you start cranking up the heat, there are a few things you need to do to make sure your new heater is running efficiently.

Here are six easy ways to boost your newly installed heating system:

Change Your Air Filter

One of the simplest and most effective ways to boost the efficiency of your heating system is to change your air filter regularly. A clean air filter not only allows your heater to run more efficiently but it also improves indoor air quality and helps extend the life of your HVAC system.

We recommend changing your air filter every 1-3 months, but be sure to check it monthly and change it sooner if it becomes clogged.

Keep the Vents Clear

If your vents are blocked by furniture or other objects, it can restrict airflow and cause your heater to work harder than it needs to. In addition, closing vents in unused rooms can actually increase your energy bills because it causes your heater to work overtime to heat your home.

So take a walk around your house and make sure all of your vents are clear and open.

Seal Drafty Windows and Doors

One of the biggest culprits of wasted energy in the winter is drafty windows and doors. By sealing any gaps around these openings, you can greatly improve the efficiency of your heater by keeping heated air inside where it belongs.

You can seal gaps with weather stripping or caulk—both of which are inexpensive and easy to find at any hardware store. Just be sure to check for drafts regularly so that any new ones can be quickly repaired.

Insulate Your Attic

Your attic is one of the most important areas of your home when it comes to energy efficiency—heat rises, after all! If your attic isn’t properly insulated, heat will escape through the roof and cause your heating bills to skyrocket. Fortunately, this is an easy fix!

You can find attic insulation at any hardware store—just be sure to choose one that’s appropriate for the climate in which you live. If you live in an area with severe winters, we recommend using fiberglass insulation with an R-value of at least 22.

Set Your Thermostat Wisely

Heating (and cooling) accounts for a whopping 50-70% of the energy used in households each year, so it pays (literally!) to use your thermostat wisely. 

For maximum efficiency, set your thermostat as low as comfortably possible in the winter—every degree above 68 degrees Fahrenheit can increase energy usage by 5-7%.

And when you leave home for extended periods of time, be sure to set the temperature even lower—just don’t forget to turn it back up before you return!  

Lastly, if you don’t have one already, consider investing in a programmable thermostat so that you can easily set exact temperatures for different times of day without having to adjust the temperature manually each time.

A little TLC goes a long way! By following these tips, you can have a stress-free winter no matter what the weather brings.

Trust Air Solutions for Heating Installation Sapulpa OK!

If you’re not sure which type of heater is right for your home, our team can help you choose the best option based on your specific needs. We carry a variety of brands and models, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your budget and preferences.

We also offer a wide range of maintenance services to keep your heater in optimal condition and help prevent any future issues.

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