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Heating Maintenance Sapulpa, OK

As the weather outside gets colder and winter approaches, it’s important to make sure your home is prepared for cooler temperatures. One way to do this is by scheduling heating maintenance with a qualified HVAC technician.

Heating maintenance Sapulpa OK can help keep your furnace or heat pump running efficiently all winter long, reducing your energy costs and keeping your family comfortable.

At Air Solutions, we offer comprehensive heating maintenance services to homeowners in Sapulpa, Oklahoma and the surrounding communities. Our team of experienced HVAC technicians will thoroughly inspect your heating system, identify any potential problems, and make any necessary repairs or adjustments.

Heating Maintenance Sapulpa, OK

Give Your Home Some TLC This Winter with These Heating Tips

There’s more you can do to optimize your heating and make sure your system is running at peak efficiency. 

Here are 7 tips to get you started:

Replace Your Furnace Filter Regularly

Your furnace filter is responsible for trapping dirt, dust, and other airborne particles so they don’t end up in your lungs. A dirty filter not only hurts your health but it also makes your furnace work harder than it has to. 

Experts recommend replacing your filter every 1-3 months, depending on the type of filter you have.

Set Your Thermostat Wisely

During the winter months, it’s tempting to crank up the heat and never leave your house. But did you know that every degree you lower your thermostat can save you up to 5% on your heating bill? When you’re home, aim for a comfortable temperature between 68-72 degrees.

And when you’re away or asleep, lower it even further to around 55 degrees. You can also invest in a programmable thermostat so your furnace doesn’t have to work overtime when nobody’s home.

Use Ceiling Fans Year-Round

Ceiling fans aren’t just for summertime! They can actually be quite helpful in the winter as well. Just set them to spin clockwise at a low speed and they’ll push warm air down from the ceiling, making the whole room feel toastier in the process.

Don’t Block Vents! 

Furniture placement is important in any room, but it’s especially crucial in rooms with heating vents. Make sure vents are not blocked by furniture or drapery so warm air can circulate freely throughout the room.

Add Extra Insulation

If heat always seems to be escaping from your home no matter what you do, it might be time to add some extra insulation. Check around windows and doors for drafty areas and caulk any gaps you find. You can also add weather stripping around doors and invest in thicker curtains for added insulation around windows.

Educate Your Family about Energy Conservation

Your kids might not understand why turning off lights and closing doors is important, but if you take the time to explain it to them, they might just start doing it without being asked! 

Educating your family about conserving energy will not only help slash your energy bills—but it’ll also teach your kids valuable life skills they can use when they move out on their own someday.

Schedule Annual Maintenance Checks

You wouldn’t drive your car for years without taking it in for an oil change or tune-up, so don’t treat your furnace like that either! 

Schedule annual maintenance checks with a qualified HVAC technician to clean ducts, inspect wires and controls, check Freon levels, and more. A little preventive heating maintenance Sapulpa OK now can save you big bucks down the road by catching small problems before they turn into major repairs.

Wintertime doesn’t have to be a drag (or expensive). With a little effort on your part, you can keep your home cozy all season long—and save money while you’re at it! So go ahead and give these tips a try—your wallet (and your family) will thank you for it later!

For more maintenance tips or heating maintenance service, just give Air Solutions a call at [link-contact-number]

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