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As the weather gets colder, now is the time to start thinking about your heating system. After all, you don’t want to be left in the cold this winter!

Regular heating maintenance Tulsa OK is key to keeping your heating system in good working order. By taking some simple steps now, you can avoid costly repairs down the road. Not to mention, you’ll keep your energy bills low all winter long.

At Air Solutions, we understand your need for a well-functioning furnace during the colder months. This is why we offer a wide range of HVAC services, including heating maintenance Tulsa OK. Our team of experienced professionals will thoroughly inspect your furnace and make any necessary repairs.

We’ll also clean your furnace and perform any needed tune-ups. This will help prolong your furnace’s life and keep it running efficiently all winter long.

Heating Maintenance in Tulsa, OK

Heating Maintenance Tips to Keep You Warm This Winter

Check out these heating maintenance tips that will keep you comfortable throughout the cold months.

Check Your Filters

You should be checking and replacing your HVAC system’s filters every month—but if you’re only doing it once a year, now’s the time to start making it a monthly habit.

A clogged filter not only makes your system work harder (and uses more energy), but it can also lead to bigger problems down the road, such as an overheated motor or wet coil.

Filters are relatively inexpensive, so there’s no excuse not to change them regularly. And while you’re at it, vacuum around the base of your unit to get rid of any dirt and dust that may have accumulated over the months.

Inspect Your Ductwork

Leaky ductwork makes your system less energy-efficient and cause serious issues with indoor air quality.

To see if your ducts need sealing, hire a professional to conduct an inspection (it’s well worth the money). They’ll be able to tell you exactly where your ducts are leaking and how much money you could be saving by having them sealed.

 Leaky ducts are one of the most common reasons for high energy bills, so this is definitely a problem you’ll want to nip in the bud before winter really gets underway.

Check (or Replace) Your Thermostat

A faulty thermostat can cause all sorts of problems with your heating system, from uneven temperatures to rooms that are too hot or too cold.

If you have an older model thermostat, now might be a good time to upgrade to a newer, more programmable model. This will give you more control over the temperature in your home and help you save money on your energy bills. 

Be sure to read the instructions carefully before attempting to install a new thermostat on your own—it’s always best to call in a professional if you’re not 100% confident in your handyman skills!

Clean Your Vents

Over time, dust and dirt can build up in your vents, causing restricted airflow and leading to poor indoor air quality. To clean them out yourself, simply remove the vent covers and vacuum away any debris using the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional duct cleaning company to do the job for you—just be sure to ask about their credentials and experience before scheduling an appointment! It’s also important to keep furniture and other objects at least 3 feet away from vents so that they’re not blocking airflow.5   

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Last but not least, it’s important to have your heating system serviced by a qualified HVAC technician at least once a year—preferably before winter sets in.

During annual heating maintenance Tulsa OK, the technician will clean and inspect all of the major components of your system (including the furnace, heat pump, or boiler) to make sure they’re in good working condition. They may also lubricate moving parts and check that all electrical connections are tight and free of corrosion.

Scheduling annual maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent small problems from turning into big (and expensive) ones down the road!

Remember, a little bit of prevention goes a long way when it comes to keeping your home or office warm this winter season. And if you do run into any problems, our team at Air Solutions is always here to help!

Contact us at (918) 417-6337  if ever you need professional HVAC services in the Tulsa area.

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