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Tulsa HVAC 101: Everything About HVAC Systems (Facts & FAQs)

The fun Facts and FAQs about Tulsa HVAC 101 by Call Air Solution.com

Heating and air conditioning systems are your holy grail during the summer and winter months. Tulsa HVAC regulates the temperature inside your home or office, so you don’t have to suffer through scorching hot days or freezing cold nights.

Though they’re prevalent in Tulsa homes and businesses, not everyone is familiar with the ins-and-outs of heating and cooling units. To help educate our readers, we’ve created this blog post on Tulsa HVAC 101. We break down the basics of heating and air conditioning systems, review common types, share facts, and answer frequently asked questions.

What is an HVAC System?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This system regulates the temperature in a  building and promotes better air quality. The components of an HVAC system include a furnace, boiler, heat pump, ducts, vents and registers.

Common Types of HVAC Systems

The most common types of HVAC systems are central air conditioning units and heat pumps. Central air conditioners cool your home with coolant, while heat pumps provide both heating and cooling.

Facts About Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

  • HVAC systems can last for 10-15 years, depending on the system’s maintenance requirements.
  • Properly insulated ductwork reduces energy loss from 30%-50%.
  • You should change the air filter of your heating or cooling system every 1-3 months. 
  • Using an HVAC system’s fan mode can help you save up to 30% on energy bills. 

How much does HVAC service cost in Tulsa?

Average HVAC repair costs in Tulsa range from $100 to $400 and HVAC install costs range from $3000 to $2,500. The price for HVAC services for residential and commercial customers depends on your situation, the repair or installation of this system, and the dimensions of your house.

Almost all businesses charge an hourly rate although some charge for services flat fee. Generally, service calls are charged $75 to $175 and several organizations provide discounts to first-time customers. Maintenance services can be provided which cover annual maintenance, filter replacement, and much more.

Meanwhile, tune-ups usually cost between $100 and $200. Maintenance generally costs a monthly or yearly fee.

Tulsa HVAC Service FAQs

Can duct sealing be beneficial?

Duct seal helps reduce the need for energy to heat & cool the house. Compare the price of insulation in ducts and your possible savings to see whether it’s worth it for your home.

Why are there no replacements for heating and air conditioning systems?

Furnaces last for 20 years, and an air conditioning unit will last 15 years, if properly maintained. A professional tech will tell you the lifecycle of the system.

Should I replace my furnace?

Oklahoma’s climate is extremely unpredictable and it can cause your heating unit to wear out. Heat pumps in your house become inefficient, and the resulting energy bills will be expensive.

 When you need to repair a heating system, you should call in the pros for fast and efficient results. All the steps are carefully planned to give you the most satisfactory results.

What is a MERV rating?

The MER V rating for filters are efficiency standards such as MPG or SEER but for filters. This acronym means optimum efficiency report value.

The bigger the unit, the more efficient the filter is. Please select the right filter for your application, because HIGH MERV filters can cause clogs.

How much is a HVAC system for a 2000 sq ft house?

A HVAC system for a 2000 sq ft house typically costs around $4000-$6000, depending on the size and quality of the system.

What size HVAC do I need for 2000 sq ft?

This question depends on a few factors, such as the climate and how well your home is insulated. A good starting point would be to size the HVAC system to heat and cool your home at the coldest and warmest months of the year, respectively. So depending on where you live, you may need a 3-5 ton system.

A good rule of thumb is to consult with an HVAC contractor to get an accurate estimate.

What is the labor cost to install HVAC in the Tulsa Metro area?

Depending on the size of your house, the type of HVAC unit, and the type of installation, labor costs can range from $500 to $3,000. For a complete system install (including ductwork), you can expect to pay around $5,000 on the high end.

Keep in mind that these are just rough estimates – your actual cost may be higher or lower depending on your specific needs. Always contact a qualified HVAC technician for an accurate estimate.

Tulsa Heating and Air Conditioning Services

In summer and winter, the temperature is extremely high and poor maintenance can be hard. This will cause the air pollution within your home as well as the air pollution.

Generally a problem with the HVAC system occurs at the time when temperature changes as home owners put the system on for the winter and start to see the problem with temperature, humidity, unusual noises etc.

Talk to Us To Learn More About Your HVAC System in Tulsa, OK!

At Air Solutions, we know how important it is to have a well-maintained HVAC system in Tulsa, OK. That’s why our expert technicians are here to provide you with quality HVAC service and repairs that will keep your unit running smoothly all year round.

Our Services

Our engineering duct designs and load calculations services are available to our clients. We offer a wide range of HVAC services , ensuring that no matter what your needs are, we can provide the best solutions.

In addition to providing heating and cooling systems we provide maintenance, repair services. Our company offers many options for air quality improvement for your residences. Our goal is to improve health and comfort in the homes and businesses and provides a cozy and warm environment.

We offer a wide range of HVAC services , ensuring that no matter what your needs are, we can provide the best solutions. From installation and repair to maintenance and energy efficiency services, we have you covered.

  • Heating System Repairs & Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning System Repairs & Maintenance
  • New Installations for Both Systems
  • Ductless Mini-Split Installations
  • Indoor Air Quality Services
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions

Our technicians are always up-to-date on the latest HVAC technologies and techniques, so you can trust your unit is in good hands. Plus, we provide a satisfaction guarantee for our services which means if you’re not completely happy with the results, we’ll make it right!

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