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What Are The Different Types of AC Systems

The Different Types of AC Systems

The best way to keep your indoor environment cool during summer is to have a reliable and efficient air conditioning system. However, not all AC systems are made alike so it might be difficult to find one that suits the demands of your property. However, by knowing the various types of AC units available, you can easily narrow your search. Here are the different types of AC systems you can choose from:

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Central Air Conditioning

If you’re an owner of a large building, like a hotel, movie theater, or factory, a central air conditioning system is exactly what you need. This AC system is designed to cool entire areas by distributing cold air throughout the property via the duct system. A centralized AC is comprised of a huge compressor, capable of producing cool indoor air in an efficient manner. Installing a centralized air conditioner in a big property is also cheaper and more practical than having to put individual units in each room.

Split or Ductless Air Conditioning

Split or ductless AC is called as such because the system is made up of 2 units (indoor and outdoor), and it doesn’t require any ducts to distribute air. The outdoor unit houses the compressor, condenser, and expansion valve. On the other hand, the indoor unit is where you can find the evaporator, cooling coil, and cooling fan. Additionally, a split air conditioner doesn’t occupy a lot of space and it’s easy to install. It only requires small holes to feed the pipes that connect the two units together. This type of AC system is capable of cooling one to two rooms.

Portable Air Conditioning

A portable air conditioner is a mobile unit that’s often placed on the floor inside a room. Though this system doesn’t run as quietly as others, it does a good job of cooling down most hot rooms.

Packaged Air Conditioning

A packaged air conditioner is a unit that can cool more than two rooms or a large home or office space. This unit comes in two possible arrangements: the first one has all the components housed in a single box while the second one has the compressor and condenser housed in one casing. Packaged AC units are often used in apartments, hotels, and motels.

Window Air Conditioning

Window air conditioners are the most common AC units used in single rooms. This unit houses all the components, namely:

  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Cooling coil
  • Expansion valve

A window unit blows out cooled air inside the room and ejects heat outside. Installing this system requires a window sill or slot that fits the unit’s dimensions.

Now that you know the various AC systems available, you probably have one in mind that’s perfect for your property. However, in order to experience the full benefit of the air conditioning unit, it needs to be installed properly. Improper AC installation procedures could potentially damage the system. That’s why if you need to install your new AC system correctly and quickly, contact Air Solutions Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric today. We provide professional AC installation, repair, and maintenance.. Give us a call at (918) 241-2362 for a free estimate.

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