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How Do I Maintain My Heating System


Almost no matter where you live, at some point a heating system becomes a necessity. Even the milder climates of the country need some form of heating to be comfortable when the temperatures dip more than normal. When a cold front moves in, you need to have a heating system that is ready to operate effectively for your home. To ensure that your system is ready to function, you need to have the system of your home inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Below are a few tips for you to follow to keep your heating system up to par for your home.

To begin your new care routine for the heating system of the home, you will need an inspection and tune-up. You can have this service conducted by the professionals at Air Solutions. Each component must be inspected to ensure that each area of the system is operating correctly as well as safely. From carbon monoxide to fire issues, a heating unit can be a hazard in the home if any component is not operating properly.

Annual heating inspections are recommended by several government agencies to help control CO poisoning and other hazards in the home when it comes to a heating unit. Faulty parts can be identified and replaced so that your unit will be able to operate effectively and safely. The heat exchanger, heat sensors and the dispersal of air must be correct for the unit to provide heat in the home.

A proper heating inspection will cover the following:

  • Heat Exchanger inspection for cracks or wear
  • Cleaning of the burner
  • Testing and replacement of electrical components
  • Venting equipment cleaning
  • Pilot inspection and cleaning
  • Gas line inspection
  • Fittings tightening
  • Blower motor and parts inspection plus cleaning

The air filter of your heating system should be changed on a regular basis to ensure clean air and the proper operation of your unit. A dirty and clogged filter can create problems for your system that can result in the need for repair service. Additional energy is also needed to provide the comfort in the home, which means more money spent to heat the home.

The air registers of the home are where the heat will move from the unit into each room of the home. These registers can be on the floor, wall or ceiling in the home. Be sure to check every register of the home for blockage and do not place furniture or other items in front of the vents. If you do want to close any vents, only close off about 20% of the home so that the airflow can be consistent in the home.

Your home can be subject to comfort issues when the temperature fluctuates. You can have more control over the temperature in your home by installing a programmable thermostat for your system. This type of control system will allow you to set the temperature in the home for whatever you wish whenever you wish. You can set the unit to turn off while you are at work or on vacation and then turn back on before you arrive home for optimal comfort.

To learn more about how to properly care for your home heating system, or to schedule maintenance, contact Air Solutions Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric for more information. You will be surprised at how you, the home owner, can help your home’s heating system.

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