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What Are Some Winter Plumbing Tips


A solid plumbing system is needed in the home to provide water for daily activities. We use the plumbing system every day to wash clothes, wash dishes, drink and cook. We rely on our plumbing system each day without really considering how much we need the system. Until the plumbing system breaks down. At Air Solutions Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric, we commonly work with home owners who have plumbing issues, especially during the winter months. Plumbing pipes can easily break, freeze or even burst during the winter season. It is important for home owners to learn how to care for plumbing pipes during the winter to avoid any unwanted issues.

As a top rated HVAC and plumbing company, we can provide you with services you need in the home, such as maintenance or repairs. We can also teach you how to care for your systems to ensure you do not experience breakdowns or have to pay high repair costs. Below are a few tips based on issues or needs in the home to help you stay operational this winter.

Kitchen Plumbing

  • Avoid placing fats and cooking oils in the drain of your kitchen sink. These materials can easily become solid as they cool and create a clog in your system.
  • Avoid placing stringy or hard to grind items in your garbage disposal. The unit will not be able to grind these items and this can cause a clog as well.
  • Cold water should be run down the drain for at least fifteen seconds before you use the garbage disposal and after to flush the waste.
  • The disposer should be turned on before you add the food.
  • The dishwasher and washing machine should be turned on at night to conserve the amount of water you use as well as help with water pressure during the day time hours.

Bathroom Plumbing

  • Spread out showers throughout the day or wait at least ten minutes between showers.
  • Set your hot water heater at 125 degrees F to avoid scalding and turn the heater up slightly if needed to keep hot water.
  • When you have poor shower pressure, use vinegar to clear clogging. You can place vinegar in a plastic bag and then place the bag over the shower head. You can soak the shower head overnight and remove the plastic bag to then have a clean showerhead. Use an old toothbrush to remove the mineral deposits that have broken free during the cleaning.

Preventing Frozen Plumbing Pipes

When water freezes in a plumbing pipe, the water in the pipe will expand and will cause cracking. To avoid frozen pipes, be aware of the weather. When extreme cold moves in, open the cabinets of your kitchen and bathroom sink. This will allow warm air to move in to this area, keeping your pipes warm. You can also turn the water on to drip to allow the water to continually run to avoid freezing.

An additional step to take would be to insulate outdoor pipes such as the water faucets. You need to place insulation sleeves on every piping including the outdoor and indoor when you experience lower than normal temperatures. The additional steps will allow you to keep your pipes warm and avoid any potential freezing or cracking.

At Air Solutions, we can help you with your plumbing and HVAC needs. Let us provide you with every service you need to keep your home systems in good operating condition, providing you with the creature comforts you are used to. With regular maintenance, you can worry less about your systems and simply enjoy your home. Contact us today to learn more about the many services we can provide in your home.

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