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Windows & Door Installations

Windows and Door Installations in Tulsa, OK

When it comes to home energy performance, it isn’t just about your insulation and HVAC system — your windows and the exterior doors play a part in this too. The difference is, your windows and doors have to look good because they are prominently placed in your home. Window frames with paint cracks or doors with damaged weatherstripping can make a house unappealing.

Choosing a brand-new window or door may seem like a simple task — after all, choosing the right heat pump, water heater or furnace looks more complicated. But how do you choose an energy-efficient door when there are so many styles and materials available? Then, there’s the question of warranties, energy performance ratings, and contractors.

Creating a Dream Window Checklist

When you are ready to upgrade to a new window(s), it is wise to have a checklist of your desired qualities. That list should include:

  • Attractive – Color options and a variety of wood grain to suit the style you’re looking for.
  • Durable – Vinyl windows do best here. They don’t need painting, and moisture doesn’t damage them.
  • Easy to Clean – Look for frames that tilt inward. This makes window-cleaning faster and safer.
  • Wide Range of Sizes and Styles – Your dream home should have the windows to match. From picture windows to bows, bays, double-hungs, casements and more.
  • Energy Efficient – Make sure that the windows have an NFRC label. The National Fenestration Registration Council rates all the major brands for air leakage, U-value, and heat-blocking ability. This is what determines energy efficiency.
  • Great Warranty – Look for window companies that offer transferable, full-value, lifetime warranties. Don’t settle for companies that offer only 10 or 20 years on window warranties.
  • Expertly Installed – Have your window installed by skilled technicians who value excellence and good craftsmanship.

Finding the Ideal Exterior Door

The above checklist can also be used to find good exterior doors. If you have solid-wood exterior doors and want a replacement, look into getting fiberglass or steel skin doors that have foam insulation cores. Getting fiberglass exterior doors is a wise decision because:

  • It resists heat transfer and denting better than steel doors
  • Can be textured and stained to look like a wooden door

Homeowners who prioritize comfort and energy efficiency choose to replace their sliding glass doors with more efficient options. A good example of this is the use of vinyl frames. Vinyl is a better option than wood and metal frames because it is energy efficient, durable, and is maintenance free.

Windows and Door Installations in Tulsa, OK

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