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HVAC Rebates

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Get up to $5,000 in PSO rebates today.

PSO offers instant rebates on a wide range of home improvements. Home efficiency upgrades help you save energy each month. At Air Solutions, we make it easy to lower energy bills while creating a more safe and comfortable home environment. Complete three or more upgrades at once to qualify for the 50% Multiple Upgrade Bonus. You’ll receive an additional 50% on your combined rebate amount – up to $5000 in total rebates. Take advantage of PSO rebates and get:

  • Cash back for making qualified home improvements.
  • Lower energy bills year round.
  • A safer, healthier home environment.
  • Improved comfort for the whole family.

How to get started Find a service provider near you at PowerForwardWithPSO.com or call 888.776.1366. Review options with your service provider, and be sure to ask about the 50% Multiple Upgrade Bonus. Make upgrades and receive instant rebates on home improvements.

Rebate Program

Single Upgrade Rebates

Attic/Ceiling Insulation

Attic/Ceiling Insulation (0-7 inches pre-existing)


High-Efficiency Electric Water Heater Replacement


Energy Star Windows & Doors

$30 per door or window
($500 maximum)

Solar Screen

$20 per window
($200 maximum)

CFL and LED Bulbs

$1-5 off per bulb
at participating retailers

Furnace Electronically Commutated Motor


Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Replacement

Air Conditioner Heat Pump Replacement

SEER 15-15.99$400
SEER 16-16.99$500
SEER 17-17.99$550
SEER 18+$600

Ground Source Heat Pump

16.0 EER at full load $600 + $350 per ton


Qualifications for HVAC Rebates

There are plenty of factors that are used to determine if an individual qualifies for rebates:

  • The first step to learning more about the HVAC rebates that you may qualify for is looking at the age of your home’s comfort system. Is the system more than or less than 15 years old? If older than 15 years, you most likely qualify for rebates.
  • The second qualification to consider is the make and model of your system. Is your system high efficiency or shelf quality? If your home’s comfort system is the standard efficiency that you can find off a retail shelf or the model that was used as the standard model by your home builder, you will qualify for rebates. Replacing your old system with a high-efficiency home comfort system not only will help you qualify for rebates, but it will also save you money on your utility bills.
  • Consider your utility bills. Are your gas and electric bills unexpectedly high or low? If your gas and electricity bills are unexpectedly high, you have a great reason to assume that you will qualify for rebates. The only question after that should be for how many rebates you qualify.
  • Does your home have uncomfortable rooms? Is it dusty, drafty, or completely comfortable? If your home is uncomfortable due to leaky ductwork making your home drafty, dusty, or inconsistent in its temperatures, you should consider looking into which heating and air conditioner rebates you would qualify to receive.

“I just want people to realize that sealing the house and sealing the ducts are just as important as heating and air conditioning equipment.” – Kieth Hilligoss, President

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At Air Solutions Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric, we were happy to accept the PSO Power Forward Top Performer Award last month! We have successfully helped more homeowners with their PSO rebates than any other company in the state of Oklahoma. We have worked hard to learn the details of these rebate programs in order to make our customers' purchasing process less stressful and this award is proof that we are making a difference.

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